March 06, 2023 | MAMA CHICKPEA

All the Kids

     Her first-born, Max, is a fierce computer nerd, with a love of all things fast. He rarely whispers, rather, he lives life very loud (which feeds into his mama’s “whine,” as you’ll read about soon enough. *giggle*) His vocal decibels are somewhat hypocritical, as he loathes hearing loud sounds. He has a huge kind heart, and is always willing to help out. He has never-ending energy. Occasionally, he is “twelve going on fifteen,’ and knows a bit more than his mama…or, thinks he does!

     Her second-born, Mya, loves all things art & nature. She is an amazing, yet, blossoming artist, with a flare for perspective & color. She loves to do arts & crafts with her mum, & regularly adds her own special touches. Like her brother, Mya has a determination to compete, & often feels she knows best. Her range of emotions can be severe at times, as a defense to protect herself. Her defense comes to protect her self-esteem. She is dyslexic, which regularly teaches her mama many new ways to see life’s challenges.

     Rounding out the Arroyo Clan, are hubby, Ricardo, and three silly pups. “Rick” works a hectic LEO schedule, and often keeps the artist balancing home-life chores and her art projects throughout the day. Parenting and family time are always unique, and often zero-to-sixty, without much notice. (A pace “Speedracer” Max can easily relate to. *giggle*)

     Fur babies are very special in the Arroyo House. The oldest pooch is three-year-old basset hound, Lucy Lou Poo. She is beyond goofy & many think she has a human soul. Christmas 2019 added chiweenie-mix, litter sisters, Lola, & Lulu. Less than two-years-old, this hyper duo keeps sister Lucy young & fit, & keeps their human mama on her toes. There is never a wasted leftover, & many a pair-less sock can be blamed less on the laundry “eating” them, but more on this dynamic pair claiming them as a new tug-of-war toy.


Shelly Arroyo, A.k.a. Mama Chickpea

When she’s not doing homework or making yet another cheese sandwich, Shelly loves doing arts & crafts, watching endless cartoons, playing with her pups, and cuddling with her minions. Like any 24/7 mom, she cherishes her brief gym time, and her daily shower in peace. Art has always been her escape from the insanity of life, and is often the inspiration behind many of her illustrations.

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