February 14, 2023 | MAMA CHICKPEA

Shelly’s first artistic passion was credited to her love of drawing. Sketching anything beautiful with a regular #2 pencil and paper, was her happy place. Over the years, her pencil evolved into a combination of colored pencil and marker.

Color brought her artwork to life, and through collage and computer techniques, her images seemed to have a presence off the paper, too. After her children were born, Shelly decided to pick up her pencil again, and draw characters based on her minions. This action revived her passion to illustrate.

BEEP! by MAMA CHICKPEA, 12″ x 12″ marker and pencil collage.

Hoping to get her talents into a fun trilogy of children’s books, Shelly came up with her illustrated kiddo characters, which are whimsical representations of her silly kiddos. Daughter Mya’s battles with overcoming her forms of dyslexia, add to the quirky tales being penned. Her fun, artistic personality gives her such passion to overcome her learning disability, and her Mama Pea strives to learn all the ways in which she can help her thrive.

SCREAM! by MAMA CHICKPEA. 9″ x 9″ marker and pencil on paper.


Shelly Arroyo, A.k.a. Mama Chickpea

When she’s not doing homework or making yet another cheese sandwich, Shelly loves doing arts & crafts, watching endless cartoons, playing with her pups, and cuddling with her minions. Like any 24/7 mom, she cherishes her brief gym time, and her daily shower in peace. Art has always been her escape from the insanity of life, and is often the inspiration behind many of her illustrations.

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